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August 04, 2021

Ziziphora Effective in the Battle Against Gastric Cancer

Already applied in treatment of various other diseases, the study now shows that this traditional medicinal plant has the highest cytotoxic effect on AGS (gastric cancer) cell line of those under investigation.


Professor C. J. Smith, Editor of the journal and Director of the Manchester Food Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University, commented "Hippocrates declared "Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.” The modern world is increasingly beginning to appreciate the wisdom of this simple statement. As we have developed modern medicines over the last couple of centuries, we have neglected the role which diet plays in the maintenance of good health. However, recent years have shown the importance of understanding both the role of diet and the role of the gut flora in maintaining good health."


The understanding of the significance of the gut microflora in good health and in disease has taken major strides in the past three decades and much has been made of the importance of herbs and spices as modulators of health and as being useful in preventing various disorders including gastric ulcers and obesity.


Cytotoxic effect of four herbal medicines on gastric cancer (AGS) cell line is an excellent example of these developments. The authors tested four spices for their cytotoxic effect on a gastric cancer cell line. (1)


In this study, the cytotoxic effect of traditional herbal medicines (Aloe vera, Ginger, Ziziphora and Saffron extracts) was investigated on gastric AGS cell line. According to the data, among these herbal extracts, Ziziphora has the highest cytotoxic effect on AGS cell line. Ziziphora extract seems to be a good candidate as an anti-cancer agent against GC. (2)






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